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What does error 2001 on iTunes mean?

Getting iTunes Error 2001 while Restoring iPhone?

We all prefer to flaunt our iPhone, is not it? And why not, its sheer look, and emblem is enough to show heads. it’s true that Apple has been able to capture the sensible phone market with success, largely since iPhone users square measure the foremost loyal ones and don't leave their IOS device for role. However, despite however conspicuous, iPhone isn't impeccable, and iTunes error is simply one in every of them. So, what's this error 2001?The iPhone error 2001, additionally popularly called iTunes error 2001, sometimes happens after you connect your iPhone to a laptop and check out to revive it victimization the iTunes code. Strange, is not it? IPhone and iTunes square measure each developed by Apple however still, error 2001 iTunes happens throughout the restoration method.

How to fix Unknown iTunes Error 2001 once restoring iPhone/pad/iPod:

My iPhone seven will not boot any longer and once I plug it in my MacBook, it goes to recovery mode (cable emblem => iTunes logo). Therefore, I attempted to revive it victimization iTunes however I keep obtaining iTunes error. Any plan a way to fix ITunes-error-4013-4014 ?" The iTunes error is sort of usual, particularly once an effort to update or restore the Apple device victimization iTunes is taken. Throughout a code restore, unknown error 2001 may typically manifest itself for surprising reasons that get quite annoying typically. During this regard, I rummage around for the highest half dozen economical solutions to assist you fix unknown iTunes error 2001 whereas change or restoring AN iPhone/Pad/iPod during this tutorial.

Method One. Update Current iTunes:

The older version of iTunes typically causes code clash with iOS on iPhone, Pad or iPod bit then ended in error 2001 to come back regarding. Therefore, upgrading iTunes version is probably going to be the primary live.

Method Two. Check USB Connection: Do the USB ports work well?

The USB ports square measure extremely used on any PC then ware out once a precise amount of your time. It's ordinarily thanks to the USB association is interrupted. Thus, you would like to do completely different ports or USB cables and disconnect everything else from USB.

Method Three. Force Restart iOS Device:

Another option to mend this downside is to force boot your Apple device (iPhone, Pad or iPod). This is often attending to create many changes to your device and additionally create it higher. The resetting isn't therefore sophisticated. For iPhone 7(Plus) users, simply hold and press "Power + Volume Down" button each for regarding fifteen seconds. Then the device is rebooted. For iPhone 6(Plus)/6s(Plus) homeowners, hold each "Power" button on the correct aspect and "Home" button within the in the meantime till Apple emblem seems on the screen. For iPhone SE/5(s)/5c/4(s)/3GS customers, hold down "Power" button on the highest right of the device and hold "Home" button along till it forcibly reboots.

Part 1: Reasons for iTunes error 2001:

You’re speculative why iTunes error 2001 happens after you attempt to restore your iPhone, here square measure a number of the potential causes for it: Old versions of any app or device produce issues. Similarly, if your iTunes isn'updated and you're still victimization its superannuated version, error ITunes is sure to hassle you. Also, bear in mind that iTunes error happens once the association between your laptop and iPhone isn't too sturdy. It should be thanks to the native and low cost USB cable your victimization or thanks to some mud particles stuck within the charging slot of the iPhone. A minor code glitch/crash may cause iPhone error 2001 preventing it from obtaining repaired via iTunes. These square measure all speculations and nobody has been able to pin purpose one reason behind iTunes error 2001. So, no matter could be inflicting it, error 2001 iTunes must fastened at once and also the strategies given below square measure instrumental in doing therefore.

Part 2: how to fix iTunes error 2001:

While not data loss victimization Dr. Phone? Let us prevent from the misery of attempting numerous remedies to mend iTunes error by introducing Dr. Phone toolkit — iOS System Recovery. This codas developed to mend every somewhat iOS code glitches, together with error iTunes, and might be utilized by you sitting reception to recover the computer code with none loss in knowledge.

Part 3: Restore iPhone using a completely different lightning cable:

Using a completely different lightning cable will facilitate as a result of it doesn't take a genius to work out that iPhone error is because of a poor association between the iPhone and iTunes. There might be 2 reasons for this and each of them may be tackled if you bear in mind the points mentioned below: Always use Apple’s original lighting cable and not the other USB cable to make sure a powerful a stable association between iPhone and iTunes via laptop.