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What is iPhone Error 53 and how do I avoid it?

What causes Error 53? 

Apple’s official statement is that Error fifty-three happens in devices that have had bitten ID, or different elements associated with the fingerprint-recognition feature, replaced by associate degree unauthorized party: If your is device has bitten ID, is checks that the bit ID device matches your device’s different elements throughout associate degree update or restore. 

This check keeps your device and therefore the is options associated with bit ID secure. Once is finds associate degree unidentified or surprising bit ID module, the check fails. For instance, associate degree unauthorized or faulty screen replacement might cause the check to fail. 

So why is Error fifty-three a giant deal: 

It’ quite like if the door handle on your Tesla stony-broke and you bought it go at an area shop, then Elton Musk determined to lock down your car’s engine within the name of security as a result of you didn’t pays Tesla to switch the half. 

Aside from rendering utterly smart devices paltry, it’ a dick move by Apple. They might merely build it thus you'll be able to solely use your PIN to login; instead, Apple is lockup up devices. There’ purportedly no thanks to fix Error fifty-three. 

Can be different hardware issues trigger Error 53? 

Yes. Contacts within the repair business say the Error fifty-three drawback affects over simply bit ID: Even devices that have undergone unauthorized screen repairs is bricked by Error fifty-three. 

53 HTTP Error (Service Unavailable):

This often-seen error message carries an easy message: the server for the website you're making an attempt to access isn't accessible at that moment. It can bethink to serious traffic or maintenance. 

What to do: 

there AR variety of reasons why can I see a 503 error, thence the subsequent solutions might apply:a) strive the website once more by either refreshing, pressing F5 or writing the address another time, because it are entirely attainable that the 503 error could be a temporary one and, in several cases, this may solve the matter. Pay attention if doing this once creating a sale as, though security measures AR typically in site, it may end flying in multiple purchases’) boot your router and so your computer. 

This is often counseled particularly if the error message reads ‘DNS failure’. its still the larger chance that the matter lies with the website’s servers, however in some cases it can be one in all your devices that's run-down and this might solve the matter’s). 

Contact the website and allow them to grasp of {the drawback the matter}; they'll already remember however if not they'll welcome your message and start to rectify the problem’s) strive once more later on; this is often in all probability the most effective of all choices as a result of, because the drawback are out of your management, those answerable for can it’ll doubtless be functioning on it and once a jiffy the service will doubtless come to traditional. 

It might even being that the 503 is right down to associate degree surprising inflow of traffic, within which case you'll be able to access the location after they leave. anyone grasps what’ very going on? No one is completely positive, however there AR presently 2 majors theories within the repair community on why Error fifty-three are occurring? 1) It’ a slip-up. Error fifty three is caused by a bug in Apple’s hardware-verification method. Once the device starts up, a constitutional hardware checker ensures all the hardware is real and dealing properly. 

A replacement bit ID button ought to still work as a Home Button whether it’ real or not, except for some reason the checker disables the house Button, Apple Pay and therefore the entire device.2) It’ a trial by Apple to fight counterfeit CDs. 

There’ a shortage of real Apple replacement elements, particularly LCD screens, and therefore the market is flooded with counterfeits. Error fifty-three could be associate degree anti-counterfeit live. however, in fact, Apple won’t admit to the current — there AR all types of anti-monopoly legal ramifications. Class-action lawsuits Are already being planned against Apple in many countries.