Google Play Error Code 491 How to Fix.

Feb 13, 2020 software

Google Play Error Code 491 How to Fix.



How to fix Google Play Error Code 491:

Cannot download apps on my phone. Whenever I faucet Install, this Google Play error 491 pops abreast of my Ate Max professional. however, am i able to fix error 491 on Google Play app?The Google Play error 491 went on not solely on Ate devices, however conjointly on Samsung, Etc., Nexus and different humanoid phone/tablet. The error makes it not possible for users to transfer, install, and update apps or one specific app. Here square measure some tricks to repair Google Play error 491.

Why will Google Play Error Code 491 Mean?

The Google Play error code 491 appears to come back up out of thin air. though there’s no specific explanations for the error, their square measure some attainable reasons which will cause the error 491 in Google Play on your humanoid phone: The Google Play apps have corrupted data; There is one thing wrong together with your sign-in Google account; Their square measure some settings that square measure incompatible with Google Play app in your device. No matter what the explanation is, you’ll try to fix Google Play Store error 491 with following solutions. How to Fix Google Play Error 491

Solution 1:

Restart humanoid Phone/Tablet: When you see the error 491 on your humanoid phone or pill, the primary factor that you just ought to do is to restart the device. Long press the ability button to restart your phone or pill. In some cases, the error 491 would be gone when the phone or pill reboots?

Solution 2:

  1. Clear Google Play Caches & knowledge to Settings > Apps/Applications;
  2. Scroll right down to find Google Play Service and Google Play Store;
  3. Choose Google Play Service/Google Play Store;
  4. Click Clear knowledge and Clear Cache

Methods to repair Google Play Error 491:

Whatever error or issue you meet on your device, the primary suggests that you’ll decide to solve the matter is to restart your itinerant. It’s not a posh method- you simply have to be compelled to long press the ability button and click on the Restart choice within the pop-up window to boot the device; however it’s a serviceable (thanks) to solve drawback. Thus, you’ll strive it initially to repair the error 491.

Trick 2. Clear caches & knowledge of Play Store:

The second common suggests that to repair Google Play error 491 is to clear Google Play caches and knowledge. This technique can take away the useless knowledge from the applying will build the Google Play runs swimmingly. Therefore, you’ll try to solve the matter by navigating to Settings; Apps/Applications; Google Play Store/Google Play Service; Clear Data/Clear Cache. Then, you’ll move to Play Store and check out to transfer the needed App once more.

Trick 3:

Uninstall Google Play updates you meet the matter when putting in the updates of Google Play, you wish to uninstall them to settle the matter cause there may well be one thing wrong with the updates or the upgrade isn’t compatible with the device. To complete the installation, you can:- move to Settings> Apps; Google Play Store/Google Play Servicing; Uninstall Updates.

Trick 4:

Take away Google account and so add it back: We have mentioned that Google account would conjointly cause the error thus you’ll try to reconfigure the Google account your victimization to induce obviate the difficulty. Which means you wish to get rid of your Google account from the device initially and so add was dead. To do so, you’ll enter Settings and faucet on Accounts. Then you’ll get a listing of accounts. Simply click on Google Account and choose to take away Account.

Reset App Preference:

  1. If the error code 491 still shows up, reset app preference on your hum anroid device within the following steps:
  2. Go to Settings > App/Applications;
  3. Tap 3 dot icons and select Reset app preferences;1)Tap Reset Apps.

Google play error 491:

How to fix Google play store error code 491.Since you found your thanks to this page I will be able to act and assume that you just tried to open up the Play store solely to induce a appear oral communication “Google play error 491”.This typically happens once users try {and} update or transfer an app or a game. Fortunately although, there’s approach|how|some way the way the simplest way} to induce obviate this error message so you’ll all over again begin victimization your phone the way it had been meant to is used.

  1. From your apps folder open the accounts tab.
  2. Tap the accounts and click on the Google account.
  3. Delete the account.
  4. Reboot your device.
  5. As before long as your phone is completed rebooting head back to wherever you deleted the Google account and re-add it.

If this helped you why not that should watch out of your Google play store error 491. Why not head on over to the Play store to visualize that it currently works. The ability to transfer apps, games, and widgets be one among the most things that sets smartphones of these days except the phones we have a tendency toad not that a lot of years past. I believe this can be why we have a tendency Roget thus annoyed after we can’t transfer or update our favorite apps. Hopefully although, if you followed this tutorial you’ll know not have this drawback. If this didn’t do the trick, drop ME a comment down below and that I can see if I can’t assist you figure it out.

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