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1400L Invalid Window Error



Configuration computer code for Windows:

Software for Windows, Version 4. With this computer code you’ll produce applications within the Microsoft

Windows three.1 (or later) in operation system, Windows 95, and in Windows Go four.0. You’ll use the Panel Builder applications in

Panelview 1000e, 1200e, or 1400 terminals, or Panel View 1200 Series F and later terminals that have been increased to -MC catalog

Numbers. Panel Builder 1400e Configuration computer code for Windows, Version for provides the benefits that Panel Builder 1400e Version three offered, as well as different enhancements.

These embrace running on Windows NT 4.0, enlarged Control Net station addressing, Associate in Nursing Ethernet/RIO Pass-Through File Transfer, Ruling communication driver compatibility, and a CD-ROM install. For an additional comprehensive description of every of those options, see “What’ New in Panel Builder 1400e, Version 4” in Chapter one getting Started with Panel Builder 1400e Configuration computer code for Windows.

To register your computer code, mail the registration card from the front of this manual to the present address: Rockwell computer code Software Services 6680 Beta Drive May field Village, Ohio 44143 or fax the cardboard to 1-440-646-7701.Your Panel Builder 1400e computer code comes with many styles of documentation to satisfy your totally different needs

Obtaining Started with Panel Builder 1400e Configuration computer code for Windows (Publication range 2711E-818) guides you through putting in Panel Builder 1400e and introduces you to Panel Builder 1400e basics.It includes a tutorial to allow you hands-on expertise operating with a Panel Builder 1400e application.

  • The Panel Builder 1400e Configuration computer code for Windows User Manual (Publication range 2711E-819) explains Panel Builder 1400e thoroughly, and provides step wise instructions for designing, creating, and dealing with applications. Welcome to Pane l Builder 1400e Configuration computer code for Windows Registering Your Copy of Panel Builder 1400 Available Documentation–2 Preface Publication 2711E-820 — Gregorian calendar month 1998
  • The Panel Builder 1400e Screen Objects manual (Publication range 2711E-820) provides elaborate reference information for application screen objects.
  • The Panel Builder 1200/1400e Transfer Utility User Manual (Publication range 2711E-6.8) provides elaborate directions for transferring files victimization the Transfer Utility that comes with Panel Builder 1400e Version three.
  • Context-sensitive on-line facilitate provides a reference for any procedures or commands you wish explained, or issues you may encounter. To induce facilitate, press F1 or opt for the assistance button if you’re in a very panel.
  •  The Panel Builder 1400e Read file could be a Microsoft Windows Notepad file that’s traced to your disk after you install Panel Builder 1400e. It informs you of any computer code changes when the manuals were written.
  •  The Panel View 1000e, 1200e, and 1400e Operator Terminals User Manual (Publication range 2711E-821) describes the features, operation, and specifications of Panel View operator terminals.
  • The Panel Builder 1400e Models User Manual (Publication Number 2711E-6.12) describes the way to produce Panel   for the Models communications network. This manual is provided as a part of the non-mandatory Modbus Communications Kit, Catalog range 2711E-UMOD

Who ought to scan the Reference Manual?

This manual is meant as a reference guide for users UN agency experienced with Panel Builder 1400e, and has an honest data of Microsoft Windows. Users UN agency don’t seem to be aware of PanelBuilder1400e ought to scan obtaining Started with Panel Builder 1400e Configuration computer code for Windows and also the Panel Builder 1400e Configuration computer code for Windows User Manual 1st.Users UN agency don’t seem to be aware of Microsoft Windows ought to scan their Microsoft Windows User’s Guide (for users of Windows three.1), Introducing Microsoft Windows ninety-five (for users of Windows 95), introducing Microsoft Windows Go digital computer (for users of Windows NT).

Terminology Used:

The term Panel Builder refers to Panel Builder 1400e Configuration Software for Windows. Wherever confusion might arise between the current and former versions of the computer code, this unleash of software are “Panel Builder 1400e, Version 4.”Panelview terminal and terminal visit a Panel View 1000 terminals, Associate in Nursing increased Panel View 1200 Series F or G terminal, a Panel View 1200e terminal, or a Panel View 1400e terminal.

The terms programmable controller and PC visit programmable logic controller, or the other dominant device. The term management could be a generic term that refers to the PC addresses that dynamic objects write to or scan from. Some controls use tags only, whereas others will use tags or expressions.

All dynamic objects use one or additional controls. During this manual, the configuration table for each object lists the controls for the thing, and specifies that controls use tags solely and which might use expressions. For more information concerning expressions see Chapter seven, making Expressions, in the Panel Builder 1400e Configuration computer code for Windows User Manual. Who ought to scan reference Manual? Terminology Used–4 Preface Publication 2711E-820 — Gregorian calendar month 1998 User Manual refers to the Panel Builder 1400e Configuration Software for Windows User Manual. Different user manuals AR referred to by their full names.

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