Easy Method to fix 404 Error

Mar 12, 2020 web

Easy Method to fix 404 Error



One of the most common and most popular errors that you often see while surfing the Internet is the “404 – Not Found” error. 404 Error occurs when you type a URL that is not available on the web. Sometimes this error is termed as HTTP Error Not Found, which is the more technical term. Unlike other 400 Errors, When Error occurs when the server is accessible, but that particular URL is not found on the server.

What is the Cause of 404 Error Not Found?

Commonly the error occurs when the requested URL or content was either moved or removed from the server. Most of the time, this error is at the server’s end, and webmasters must be serious about 404 Error Fix because this error may hurt the SEO and SERP (Search Engine Result Page).  Here are common causes of 404 Error Not Found:

  • The user may have written a wrong URL or made some mistake while typing the URL, and as a result, the user landed at 404 Error Page.
  • The URL of the page you were trying to visit is changed by the Admin.
  • The page you were trying to visit is removed or doesn’t exist anymore.
  • DNS failed to convert the URL into an IP address, and the result was 404 Error Page.

How to FIX it on Website?

404 Error on Website is not something to ignore, especially when you are the owner or Admin of the Website. A 404 Error means one of your users couldn’t find what he was looking for on your Website. 404 Error on Google is considered to be a serious issue that must be dealt with at any cost. Here we are going to tell you how to fix this error:

1.   Reload Page:

Sometimes the Error page appears because the link was temporarily down or there was a connection error. In this case, this issue can be fixed by reloading the page.

2.   Check URL:

Sometimes the 404 Not Found Error comes when you type a wrong URL. So to fix the error, recheck the URL you typed in your browser and if you find any mistake, then remove it and visit the page again.

3.   Search on Website and XML Sitemap:

If you are constantly landing on an error page and you’re not sure if you are typing the URL correctly or they have changed the URL of Page, you can use the search box of Website to find that page, or you can check the XML sitemap to find the desired page.

4.   Delete Browser Cache and Cookies:

Sometimes a specific URL is saved in your browser history and cache. And as you type, it takes you to the old URL where you receive Error Not Found. In this case, you can fix this error by deleting the browser cache and cookies.  

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