0xc00007b Error in Windows 7,8,10

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0xc00007b Error in Windows 7,8,10



What does the 0xc00007b error mean?

Windows be easy and simple to access and has become the foremost wide used operating system and it’s used by users everywhere the planet as computer system. At present, several users have upgraded their PC to Windows ten that is quite simply a laptop operational system; it additionally runs on Windows phones — and on little tablets likewise. One in every of the common problems on all operational systems be that it’s not good and errors occur because of some reason. As an example, several users got to face 0xc00007b error whereas accessing software system like Games FIFA, Far Cry, decision of Duty, IOS burner software system and plenty of alternative games and application that area unit extremely utilized by the people; the error message is “The application was directly to begin correctly (0xc000007b).

Click alright to shut the appliance.” This unable to begin error is a {problem|a difficulty} happened to applications on Windows PC and it will be a trying problem. however, this error doesn’t necessary mean it’s on the far side repair or the top of concerned software system. There should make certain reason resulting in the error after you conceive to run the software system. You’ll become ready to fix the matter once strive many troubleshooting steps here.

How to fix Application Unable to start correctly Error (0xc000007b):

The application was directly to begin correctly’ isn’t a mistake message you wish to examine, however it is easy to resolve? Here area unit seven fixes for the alarming application error in Windows. If you see this error message: ‘The application was directly to begin correctly’ it’s most likely as a result of you are attempting to runs a game or program and there is one thing almost right. Below area unit numerous ways, most of that area unit easy, that you’ll be able to used to do and fix the 0xc000007b error. You will solely ought to one however in some cases you will need a mix of them.Typically, you will see this error once there is an admixture of 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows and applications.

Restart your computer:

The first factor to do is restarting Windows. Sounds too sensible to be true, however

it generally yields results.

Update.NET framework:

In most cases it’s Microsoft.NET framework causing the issues.

Enable Administrator rights:

Try running the sport or application with admin rights. To do that, right click on the road or the particular viable for the sport, choose Properties and open the Compatibility tab. Tick the ‘Run this program as associate administrator’ box, and click on OK.

Update Windows:

Update Windows. In several cases Windows can mechanically update, however to envision, head to manageable and look for ‘Windows Update’. In later versions, as well as Windows ten, you’ll be able to open the new Settings app (just search the beginning menu or click the cog icon that seems simply higher than the Windows brand after you click it within the bottom-left of the screen.

How to fix 0xc00007b error in Windows 7, 8, 10:

Error 0xc000007b is one in every of the foremost annoying Windows errors that users got to face currently whereas accessing some application (including games like FIFA, GTA 5, GB Payne three, parcel of land, Far Cry, Assassins Creed, decision of Duty and plenty of alternative games and applications that area unit pretty fashionable among the people).

Methods to fix 0xc00007b error in Windows 7, 8.1, 10:

Here area unit some ways to check one by one. Before attempting them, don’t forget to envision your system with any anti virus as typically this is often because of some virus in your PC.

Method 2 Running the appliance as associate Administrator:

Try to begin the game/application as Administrator. For example, in GTA, this in some cases help to repair the error. Follow the instructions:Right clicks on the appliance.exec file;Click on the choice Run as administrator

Method 3 Check Your fixed disk for errors:

The cause of the error will be a corruption within the logical structure of the filing system or physical harm to the disk and may be resolved by checking your hard disk.

  1. Run command prompt as administrator.
  2. Search for the cmd.exe within the search bar.
  3. For Windows 7,8,10 — Click on the beginning Button within the left bottom corner and kind cmd.exe within the search bar.
  4. For Windows 8.1 — Press the . Search key and kind cmd.exe.
  5. Right Click on the cmd.exe and click on Run as administrator.
  6. Type chads c: /f /r and press Enter.
  7. It your Windows is put in on C: drive then it’ll raise you to schedule this volume to be checked consequent time the system restarts.
  8. Type Y and press Enter.

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