Error Code 0x80070035 The Network Path was not Found

Mar 13, 2020 windows

Error Code 0x80070035 The Network Path was not Found



Windows Error Code 0x80070035 is a network Error that can occur for more than one reason. Microsoft allows its users Windows 10 and other Windows operating systems to share the same network to have access to the data files on each other’s computers without any cable. But while attempting to access the Network PC, some users might receive a notification that specifies Network Error Code 0x80070035 Network Path was not found.

Some whys and wherefores

Several reasons can cause this error and also more than one method to fix error code 0x80070035.

Check if your drive is shared

  • If you are windows 10 user and troubleshooting Error code:0x80070035, the first thing you should do is to make sure that your drive is shared. To do that, you have to right-click the drive on the designated computer that you want to visit and choose its properties.
  • Proceed to the sharing button. If this indicates that the network path Not Shared, then go to the advanced sharing. Then check the box that says Share this Folder, and you have to be sure that the Share name is correct. Then click Apply and OK to make the change and exit.
  • Now the third thing you should do is to open the run command and to do that, and you have to press the Windows key and R at the same time. In the run command, you have to write the name of the folder in the search bar and press enter. Now this enables you to enter the desired folder without any difficulty.

Using the IP Address

Another method to solve the Error Code: 0x80070035 is through the IP address of the desired computer.

  • On your desired computer, press Windows key and R simultaneously and then type in cmd.
  • Now you have entered the command prompt, and here you have to type the command ipconfig/all and press enter.
  • Now scroll down to locate the category that is IPv4 Address and mark this Address.
  • Then again, press windows key and R at the same time and in the search bar type \\IPv4 Address\your desired drive that you want to access. And press enter.

Enabling NetBIOS

  • Go to the control panel and enter Network and Internet and then Network Connections.
  • Right-click on the connections and select properties.
  • In this list, click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) version 4. Select properties and then click Advanced.
  • Here in Advanced TCP/IP settings, go to the “WINS” tab.
  • There you will see NetBIOS setting, under this setting, choose Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP and then click OK.

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